Super Bowl Sunday

Is it just me or is the Super Bowl way too commercialized and overrated?  You would swear today was a holiday!  While my computer was starting up, I told myself I bet you AOL's main story on their homepage is about the Super Bowl and several other links about the commercials.  Yep, I was right.  Go figure.  I am watching the Super Bowl, but only because of all of the hype that is built around it.  Who am I cheering for?  The Colts.  Why?  Well, because I like the color blue over the colors gold and black.  Because I am a fan of Hank Bassett's wife.  Because Josh likes the Colts.  And, because I live in the Midwest, so I figure it's best to cheer on a Midwest team.  So, I just needed a break in between commercials.  Speaking in which, why is every commercial about beer?  I understand that a lot of beer-drinkers happen to be football fans, so that's their audience, but sheesh, it's kind of annoying.  And, where it Tim Tebow's commercial?  I hope that wasn't it that played during the first 5 minutes of the game.  They didn't get a chance to broadcast the heart of their message.  Maybe because it was too controversial.  Eh, who cares, just follow it with a GoDaddy(dot)com commercial and it'll be even.

I am sooo disappointed because I wasn't able to buy one of those squares to predict the quarterly scores!  I told Josh that we should put one together next year with our families, but he "isn't into gambling."  Whatever.  He just wouldn't want to admit that his girlfriend won $200 and not him.  That's my opinion. 

Anyway, back to the commercials!  Go Kendra's husband's blue team that Josh likes and that lives in the Midwest!!!  Boo to not having a square with my name on it!  :-/

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