I will wear an X-large?!

I've got a complaint that I've been holding in for quite some time (no, not my neighbor's porch light lighting my bedroom up at night).  I found a really nice pair of workout pants about a month ago.  Now, you know how hard it is to find a really good, comfy, fit-ya-just-right pair of workout pants.  I found them and I love them but every time I pull my pants down to use the bathroom I have a mean tag staring back at me.  "USA: M, ASIA: XL . . ."  Now, I feel really good about wearing a medium . . . in the US.  So, this tag is telling me that if I go shopping in Asia, I will wear an X-large?!  Eek!  Talk about a confidence booster! 

Now, yesterday I weighed myself and it was a number that I've never seen on the scale before . . . in the other direction.  So, change of plans.  I am not doing P90X anymore.  It's boring and time-consuming and by no means flexible.  I decided that I need to really take action and change my eating habits.  My goal is simple: only consume 1,500 calories a day and burn 1,000 calories a week (only cardio, not including strength training).  That's it.  And not to mention, it's been almost 2 months of no fast food!!!  How's that for a big accomplishment?!  :-]  I'm going back to the basics.  Before all of the fads, diets, tricky workout regimes existed. 

Oh, and a friend of mine just started her own blog.  She's a soon-to-be mommy and has a juicy, interesting life.  Meet Courtney!

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Jocie said... Friday, February 26, 2010 at 10:47:00 AM PST  

Hi Ashley---thanks for stopping by my blog =) It's nice to (kind of) meet you =) By the way, I'm pretty sure I would be "jolly green giant" size in Asia =)

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