The boldness is something to admire

Yesterday at school, there was a group table out in one of the hallways with a big banner, "InterVarsity." During the first week or so of school, every organization and group at the school is trying to get people involved in what they're promoting.
Over the summer, I really thought about joining a Christian organization through the school so that I can get myself involved, make some Christian friends, and fill in the gap during my days. Well, I was walking to the bookstore and was walking past the InterVarsity table and the one guy there stopped me and asked how I was doing. We introduced ourselves, talked about church, Urbana09, and of course, how to get involved. I gave him my e-mail and he told me he will be contacting me soon.

After I walked away, I thought about something that God has blessed him with. Boldness. I know that as Christians, we are called to evangelize and witness to the people around us. I was sitting in a lounging area in the hallway and was impressed with what I saw. So many people walking by with InterVarsity's paper. It wasn't like the guy was just throwing them at people, he was actually introducing himself, explaining what his organization was, and then giving them a paper. I deeply admired that. I don't think that I could ever be as bold as him. Not only was he witnessing, but was witnessing to a multitude of people: the "preps," jocks, rockers, and emos. When God called us to serve and evangelize, He didn't say to only witness to the people we found easy or convenient to witness to , but to be bold and simply do what He has called us to.

Unfortunately, InterVarsity meets on Thursday nights and I have work, so I won't be able to connect and fellowship during that time. However, on Mondays at 12, they have a big prayer meeting for the school and that's when I have my break! I figure that this is something that God has placed in my life for a reason, so I better heed to it . . . but, I get anxious when meeting new people . . . it's silly, but it really does cause an anxiety that I have been trying to fight. So, I am debating if I want to do this. I know, "just do it," but it's a big deal!

I'll let you all know if I end up just plunging into this or not!

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piano is forever said... Friday, September 4, 2009 at 3:24:00 PM PDT  

Fab! I am getting involved with Intervarsity as well at Lake Forest College. :)

Ashley said... Saturday, September 5, 2009 at 7:45:00 AM PDT  

That's really cool! Are you looking into going to Urbana09?

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