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Half a week of school can be exhausting! This is my seventh semester of college and I have never had to go every single day . . . until now. It really stinks. I have always had the convenience of going to class every other day. Because I am packing my schedule full, I will never have to drive to Parkside again after December. Woo Hoo!!

Because it has been such a hectic, stressful week, I think I just want to relax today. Unfortunately I had to work this morning, but when I get home, I am going to go rent some movies, clean, work out, shower, cook dinner, and just relax . . . all day. I feel like busy-ness was my life story all summer, but when you can't slow down and relax whenever you want, you tend to appreciate it more when you finally get the chance.

. . . random . . . but as I'm writing this, I watched a kid across the street run his car into his fence, crack his side-view mirror, pull forward, reverse, and then take the whole thing off; maybe he should be relearning some basic driving concepts. He doesn't think anyone saw him, but I did . . .

Anyway, me and my lover haven't gotten a chance to simply hang out. During the summer, we are always going here, stopping there, walking to this place, rollerblading to that place; we never just sit around and be bored anymore. I think that renting movies, eating a home-cooked meal, and baking cupcakes together would be fun and relaxing for us both. I miss him. I mean, we are always together but not always together if you know what I mean. People can be in each other's presence, but not enjoying each other's presence for the simplicity that it holds. I want to be able to do that more often . . . just enjoy simple company and not have to be doing entertaining things all the time.

Enjoy your Saturday whether action-packed or slow!

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