Yes, it's true. I have . . .

Okay, I'm not going to lie, I have "cankles."  Go ahead, laugh.  :-]  I hate my ankles, or lack thereof.  When I logged onto the computer today, MSN had an article about cankles and ways to get rid of them (yeah, right!).  It had a bunch of links and pictures.  Talk about an ego booster!  I don't have cankles as bad as most of these people do, but I must admit, I do have them.  It's something that I've struggled with accepting and I hate wearing shorts because of them.  But hey, I'm working on the calves, so maybe they'll begin to "disappear."  Haha!  I feel so weird for talking about this, but it's me . . . I don't want to portray something I'm not, so you're going to get the Ashley that I am, cankles and all!

I have noticed that my last like 40 blogs I have not posted any pictures.  I am sorry about that.  Most of the time, I am writing blogs from work or trying to write them quickly from home, so I have not had the chance to post pictures.  I promise I will have pictures up soon, though.   

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