Gospel, dates, and THAT day

I am so excited!  A couple of days ago, I bought me and Josh tickets to "How Sweet The Sound."  It is a gospel choir competition in Chicago.  I remember seeing the commercials last year and wanted to go, but it just never happened, so we are going for sure in two weeks!  I am a fan of the majority of gospel music, but not all of it . . . hopefully this will be as enjoyable as we are anticipating.  Plus, the tickets were only $5 each . . . the most expensive part was parking . . . $31; does that make any sense to you?  Yeah, us neither.  But hey, new experiences, right?

We have a mini date tonight . . . dinner and a movie.  Okay, maybe that's something we do all of the time, but when you label it "date," the atmosphere is a little different.  So, dinner and a chick flick (which he actually wants to see!). 
I love hanging out with my Lover . . . he's the only one that opens me up and completely understands me.  The funny thing about that is that I wouldn't even call that aspect "love;" there is so much more of that word that we have . . . but when you have several aspects of love and the complicated aspects of friendship . . . that's something unique and special. 

P.S. I told Josh today that I needed my (promise) ring cleaned and threw in, " . . . but maybe I don't even need it cleaned because I'll have a replacement soon . . . " and he agreed.  Maybe he was just throwing me a bone, but I just have to keep reminding myself that everyday is closer to THAT day.  :-]

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