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Josh and I have been house-shopping the last few weeks and finally found one that we could really see ourselves (and future family) in.  It's so beautiful!  It has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a living room, family room, dining room, unfinished basement, and really nice, big backyard.  The funny thing is that when that home was first scheduled for a walk-thru, I asked Josh and the realtor if we could just skip it; I didn't want to see it because the acreage that was listed was "too small;" but I'm beginning to think that that was a mistake because it is rather large! :)  I am so, so glad that we actually went to see it (twice!).  The first walk-thru, Josh whispered "this is the one" to me as we were walking up from the basement . . . that didn't happen with any other home. 
So, here we are three weeks later and we finally have been able to put our offer in.  The first offer we put in was Friday and was pretty low because we wanted to see what the seller would counter-offer.  We got a call back on Saturday morning from our realtor saying that the seller's husband recently passed away and that with her financial situation, she cannot go any lower than the listing price; we don't believe that for a single second.  Who lists their home at the lowest they are able to go?  On top of that, we have a paper saying that she refinanced her home about 5 years ago at $16,000 lower than her listing price.  We know that she is able to go that low.  So . . . Josh and I offered $5,000 lower than her listing price.  If she doesn't want that, we will walk away and find something else. 

Obviously, we are really praying that the seller accepts our offer. :)  We'd love for that house to be the one that we raise a big family in. ;)

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