We landed in Hawaii and I realized that I forgot my dress.  My wedding dress.  How in the world did I forget that?  Well, must improvise, right?  Good thing I had a cute bathing suit that I could wear to the "alter" instead.  Although it was something sexy that I planned on wearing for the honeymoon, I thought that maybe I could pull it off . . . cellulite and all.  Oh well, I know that my soon-to-be husband would find it to be the best thing I've worn yet.  Then I looked down at my toes.  What the heck?  Chipped, pink toenail polish?!  What kind of bride forgets to get a pedicure especially with her wedding on the beach?!  It's okay . . . I'll just dig my toes in the sand while remembering to suck my tummy in and creatively hide my not-so-toned bottom.

I am so, so glad that my alarm went off at the moment.  I didn't think this was something I would have been able to pull off anyway.  At least this would have been easier to recover from than forgetting I had a newborn baby and not feeding it for a whole day!

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Kris said... Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 6:41:00 PM PDT  

Praying none of that happens! :) You are so funny!

KateyDe said... Thursday, May 12, 2011 at 10:05:00 AM PDT  

I am CERTAIN you are already packed!
You really had me going there Ashley! You are so funny...which is one reason you are so loved!

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